Sunday, April 19, 2015


Hey guys! It's been awhile. Honestly, I haven't done any work on the actual project. Right now, I'm mostly preparing for the end of the year speech that we're required to give. My project has given me a lot of ideas I can use. One of the ideas that I really like is about doing what you're passionate about. When Mr. Provenzano introduced this all year round project to our class, I knew instantly what I was going to do, and I haven't regretted it since. I'm proud of that because I know sometimes students change their idea because they loose interest or realize that they didn't pick something they cared about. I've always been very passionate about music so when I was presented with opportunity to do something with it, I jumped. I've also always been pushed by my family to do what makes me happy and not what seems logical or do-able so this project was a perfect fit for me.
That is all for right now. I'll give you updates about the other ideas I had for speeches next week. Stay classy!