Sunday, March 22, 2015

Check Out My Youtube Channel!

Good news! I started an actual Youtube account. The other account that I was using to upload videos was through my school email account. Since it was the school's account, it restricted me from customizing my page and things like that. So now I have my own page and I'm super excited. I transferred all of my videos over to the new account but I'm going to leave the old account/videos up for a few more days. You can find my songs on blog post 7 and 9. Other then that, nothing new has really happened with my project. I know it's completely my fault. I haven't been prioritizing my work properly so I feel like I'm always overwhelmed when I'm really procrastinating at some points. The month of March this year was and is really busy for me with a lot of things happening and barely enough time to do them in. So after March and everything for me cools down a little bit, I will be back on my high horse, working on my project daily.
On a semi-related topic, Mr. Provenzano told our class that we should start thinking about our end of the year speech that we give for this project. The end of the year speech is when the students individually give a speech about what they learned during the course of the this project. I'm kind of excited for that because with my project, I feel like it is so unique and challenging that I can find multiple lessons out of it. All I really need to do is find the one that really speaks to me.

New Account Page:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Long Week/New Song (Post 9)

Hey guys! I'm going to be very honest with you right now. I didn't do much over this past week because of choir competition preparation. Even this week I'm still beyond tired from it. This post is going to be pretty short because I only have one thing that's new with my project. I know that I said I would have the song completed by this post but like I said previously, I was not awarded the time to do so. What I am going to post is the snippet that I shared in class a few weeks ago. This song would actually be sung by a girl (Skylar) at her weakest moment in the show probably. I hope you enjoy it!