Sunday, February 22, 2015

Smooth Sailing (Post 8)

My project has been coming along very smoothly lately. The day before I went on break, I played a clip of my new song to my class and the feedback was very positive. I know that they are my classmates and it's not very likely that they would've just destroyed my material with negative comments and critiques even if it was really bad but I could tell that some people were genuinely impressed. I was going to post the clip of the new song on this blog post, but I'm so close to finishing the whole that I decided to just finish it then post the final draft next week. All I really need to do is record the rest of the music and polish the lyrics.

Now onto the book. I haven't written any dialogue yet but I have a pretty clear picture of what is going to be happening and what is going to be said in a number of scenes. I just have to physically type them out for you guys. I'll probably post one of the shorter scenes so that you won't end up reading a novel instead of a simple update on the musical's production.

Another part of the show that I'm beginning to think about is the title and cover art. I don't want the title to be so direct. I want it to mean something. I don't want it to sound dumb or funny or too long either. It needs to be short and witty. I want it to sound catchy when someone talks about it. Like "have you heard of blah"? Or "blah was actually really good". As for the cover art, I'm thinking of incorporating a stage into the picture. I feel like waiting a little bit longer and developing the story more will give me a more distinct picture of what the title and cover art should be.

That's all for right now. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Song Unveiling (Blog 7)

Hey everyone. So this week, like many others, hasn't been that productive. 2 weeks ago I was busy with choir rehearsals because we had competition (which we won, yay!) so this past week I tried to take it easy and let the week fly by. Overachieving student here as you can see. So I'm going to use that as an excuse to why there hasn't been any further development in the plot. See, now this project is at a point in time where it's not the lack of ideas slowing down the process, but the overload of ideas and which ones to go with. I'm even going to make the cover art that would go on a playbill for the show and post it later on.

I do have something really exciting to share with you though. I've created a song (well 45 seconds of a song) for the show and I'm going to publish it on YouTube for you guys to see! I know what your thinking. You're probably rolling your eyes at because I'm writing a musical yet it took me this long to post even a clip of a song. I am sorry for that, I just wanted to make something worth listening to. I'm not even sure this song is worth listening to but I thought it was good. All I can do is put my work out there and see what happens. And I do have other snippets of songs but I just didn't think they were strong enough to showcase yet. So the link will be at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind while listening that the lyrics will probably be changed. I wrote them today and the creative juices were just not flowing lyric wise. Also, I worked on the vocals, but not to an extent where it could be considered a grammy award winning performance. I hope before this project is over I can display my singing abilities to you guys but if it doesn't happen then I won't be too disappointed. Ok so hopefully you enjoy the song and leave any comments or suggestions! Thanks for reading.