Monday, January 26, 2015

Construction Decisions (Blog 6)

So for the past week, I've been studying for midterms. It wasn't an extremely productive week in terms of 20 time, but I can't say that nothing came of it. I did happen to come across sudden sparks of inspiration from time to time. That's usually how my lyrics and music are written. The problem with that, is that after I get all of my feelings and inspiration out, when I come back to them at a later date I don't know how to add on to them. When I try force lyrics, they sound forced. That's why I like my sudden bursts of inspiration. I just need to find a way to keep adding onto them after that moment. 

Another problem that I have concerns the songs in their entirety. The songs that I have been writing lately pertain to the Unknown friend (UF), but UF is a supporting role. I do want her to have a few killer songs but I want the main protagonist to sing more songs then her and for the majority of them to really showcase why she deserve the part more then UF.  Right now I'm building more on UF because I feel like she has more to work with. UF is the main antagonist and she should be the character that the audience is rooting against but I am also making a scene where we see how vulnerable and insecure she gets. That scene is going to stand for all the little UF that is in everyone. It's going to show no matter who you are, everyone gets insecure. I wanted her to have that song because it would be way to predictable for the main protagonist to have it. But then I got to thinking. Should she have an insecure song? I mean the beginning of the show is about how she's afraid to step out into the spotlight. Shouldn't there be a scene depicting that? I guess we will see what my "inspiration" comes up with.

So here are some lyrics that I wrote. I tried to keep the structure away from radio standards which is usually verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus. So the structure is a little more dynamic than what you would usually hear on the radio. So this is the unveiling of my lyrics. Please be gentle with me. This is the first time anyone is actually going to see anything I've written. Also note that it the rhythm will be clearer with the actual music, which I haven't written yet, so just trust in me. 

All my life I've been dreaming for that one thing, something
I'd lost all hope i thought it'd never occur
But at last I got stronger, smarter and somehow
It gravitated to me 

Learned how to fight in this wilderness
Once I'd learned the tricks of the trade
I cleared everything in my way, and I'd say 
I did it just by being me

And when my sights were set on the prize
I told myself that it's do or die

And then I leaped, I took a chance
I wouldn't hold myself back again
I need to speak, be free,
Can't let my fears control how I learn to be me
With all my fears cast away, I live and see a new day, and that's ok
Because that's how it's gotta be (x3)
From now on

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Ride is BEGINNING! (Blog 5)

Hello again. It's been awhile since I've updated you guys on my project. Well, I've finally got a plot that I think is pretty good. At first I thought it was a little too overdone but now that I've gotten feedback about the idea and really though about it, I've started to like it. My idea is centers around two "friends". One of the friends is auditioning for the school musical. The friend that is auditioning is like the IT girl. She's really talented and she is the one to beat for the role. The other friend is asked to audition for the show by a teacher. The girl is persuaded by herself and her friend to decline even though she desperately wants to audition. We find out later that the other girl is super talented and most definitely could take the role from the other girls clutches.

I really started to like this character (the one who didn't want to audition) because I understand where she's coming from. I feel like at some point in time everyone has turned down a great opportunity because they felt like they weren't good enough. Maybe if we as individuals took more chances in life, we might surprise someone with what we can do. We could even surprise ourselves.

The music and lyrics are coming along at a rather slow pace, but they're coming. Manhattan wasn't made in a day. Also, sorry for not posting any snippets of my songs. I want to make sure they're worth listening to. Also I don't want to create an "oh, at least you tried" type of song. So for that to happen, I have to have time on my side. Most likely, I will be providing the vocals for the songs. I apologize in advance for that. 
Well, that's all I have for now so good luck on midterms, give your parents a hug and all that jazz.