Monday, May 11, 2015


This whole year overall was really crazy regarding 20 time. Sometimes I would love to just go home friday after school and work on my project because I was that excited about it. But then the project began to feel like a burden at times. I didn't loose interest in my topic, I just felt that other homework or activities were of more importance at times when I knew that I hadn't even thought about 20 time in about a month.

But overall, I really liked 20 time. It gave me the chance to finally advance in songwriting. Without 20 time, I feel like my songwriting wouldn't have improved at all this year. It also pressured me into finally writing scenes with just dialogue and no music. It forced me to explore areas of music and shows and things I'm interested in but haven't looked very closely at. I am definitely going to continue writing music because it is an amazing outlet and just a really creative way to express yourself. But now, my songs are not going to be based around a story.

The entire process of the show did not go very well for me if I'm being honest. Well, at least compared to the goals that I set, it didn't develop as well as I wanted it to. I knew writing a show was going to be tons of work but what I didn't realize was that my procrastination, tied in with a little bit of laziness would prevent me from getting where I wanted to be by the end of the year. That's something else 20 time taught me. If you really want something, you have to work for it. I read things on musical development so I could get a vision on how to build my show but I did not get nearly enough info. I tried to jump right into the process without much outside help and that wasn't smart. The first few things were easy but getting deeper and deeper into the project, having needed information withdrawn did not help me.

Something I would have changed would have definitely been how I managed my time. Especially this year because this year was significantly more busy for me. I always had to be somewhere and when I would finally get home, I had to prioritize my homework and 20 time never ended up on the top of that list. So there were several times that 20 time ended up forgotten. If I could change anything, I would make my friday nights devoted to only 20 time related affairs instead of Jerome related affairs.

Something that really stuck with me while doing 20 time is that sometimes it is ok to be selfish. I remember when Mr. Provenzano first introduced our class to 20 time. The idea to write a musical was the first thing to pop up in my mind. But then, I heard previous students, and my current classmates talk about doing work for a charity or some kind of good cause. I began to question my idea of writing a show and thought maybe I should do something that can benefit more then just me. But 20 time isn't about doing what seems right. It is about finding your passion and going for it. If I were to do something regarding raising awareness for something, sure I would feel good about it, but I wouldn't be putting as much effort into it because that is not something I'm particularly passionate about. Somebody who really is passionate about raising awareness for something should do that because they would put in 1000% more effort into it than I would.

So thank you 20 time, and Mr. Provenzano. For giving me all of these life lessons to go by, and letting me go even deeper into the realm of the arts and discover some things that would have taken me forever to find without this needed push.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Hey guys! It's been awhile. Honestly, I haven't done any work on the actual project. Right now, I'm mostly preparing for the end of the year speech that we're required to give. My project has given me a lot of ideas I can use. One of the ideas that I really like is about doing what you're passionate about. When Mr. Provenzano introduced this all year round project to our class, I knew instantly what I was going to do, and I haven't regretted it since. I'm proud of that because I know sometimes students change their idea because they loose interest or realize that they didn't pick something they cared about. I've always been very passionate about music so when I was presented with opportunity to do something with it, I jumped. I've also always been pushed by my family to do what makes me happy and not what seems logical or do-able so this project was a perfect fit for me.
That is all for right now. I'll give you updates about the other ideas I had for speeches next week. Stay classy!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Check Out My Youtube Channel!

Good news! I started an actual Youtube account. The other account that I was using to upload videos was through my school email account. Since it was the school's account, it restricted me from customizing my page and things like that. So now I have my own page and I'm super excited. I transferred all of my videos over to the new account but I'm going to leave the old account/videos up for a few more days. You can find my songs on blog post 7 and 9. Other then that, nothing new has really happened with my project. I know it's completely my fault. I haven't been prioritizing my work properly so I feel like I'm always overwhelmed when I'm really procrastinating at some points. The month of March this year was and is really busy for me with a lot of things happening and barely enough time to do them in. So after March and everything for me cools down a little bit, I will be back on my high horse, working on my project daily.
On a semi-related topic, Mr. Provenzano told our class that we should start thinking about our end of the year speech that we give for this project. The end of the year speech is when the students individually give a speech about what they learned during the course of the this project. I'm kind of excited for that because with my project, I feel like it is so unique and challenging that I can find multiple lessons out of it. All I really need to do is find the one that really speaks to me.

New Account Page:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Long Week/New Song (Post 9)

Hey guys! I'm going to be very honest with you right now. I didn't do much over this past week because of choir competition preparation. Even this week I'm still beyond tired from it. This post is going to be pretty short because I only have one thing that's new with my project. I know that I said I would have the song completed by this post but like I said previously, I was not awarded the time to do so. What I am going to post is the snippet that I shared in class a few weeks ago. This song would actually be sung by a girl (Skylar) at her weakest moment in the show probably. I hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Smooth Sailing (Post 8)

My project has been coming along very smoothly lately. The day before I went on break, I played a clip of my new song to my class and the feedback was very positive. I know that they are my classmates and it's not very likely that they would've just destroyed my material with negative comments and critiques even if it was really bad but I could tell that some people were genuinely impressed. I was going to post the clip of the new song on this blog post, but I'm so close to finishing the whole that I decided to just finish it then post the final draft next week. All I really need to do is record the rest of the music and polish the lyrics.

Now onto the book. I haven't written any dialogue yet but I have a pretty clear picture of what is going to be happening and what is going to be said in a number of scenes. I just have to physically type them out for you guys. I'll probably post one of the shorter scenes so that you won't end up reading a novel instead of a simple update on the musical's production.

Another part of the show that I'm beginning to think about is the title and cover art. I don't want the title to be so direct. I want it to mean something. I don't want it to sound dumb or funny or too long either. It needs to be short and witty. I want it to sound catchy when someone talks about it. Like "have you heard of blah"? Or "blah was actually really good". As for the cover art, I'm thinking of incorporating a stage into the picture. I feel like waiting a little bit longer and developing the story more will give me a more distinct picture of what the title and cover art should be.

That's all for right now. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Song Unveiling (Blog 7)

Hey everyone. So this week, like many others, hasn't been that productive. 2 weeks ago I was busy with choir rehearsals because we had competition (which we won, yay!) so this past week I tried to take it easy and let the week fly by. Overachieving student here as you can see. So I'm going to use that as an excuse to why there hasn't been any further development in the plot. See, now this project is at a point in time where it's not the lack of ideas slowing down the process, but the overload of ideas and which ones to go with. I'm even going to make the cover art that would go on a playbill for the show and post it later on.

I do have something really exciting to share with you though. I've created a song (well 45 seconds of a song) for the show and I'm going to publish it on YouTube for you guys to see! I know what your thinking. You're probably rolling your eyes at because I'm writing a musical yet it took me this long to post even a clip of a song. I am sorry for that, I just wanted to make something worth listening to. I'm not even sure this song is worth listening to but I thought it was good. All I can do is put my work out there and see what happens. And I do have other snippets of songs but I just didn't think they were strong enough to showcase yet. So the link will be at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind while listening that the lyrics will probably be changed. I wrote them today and the creative juices were just not flowing lyric wise. Also, I worked on the vocals, but not to an extent where it could be considered a grammy award winning performance. I hope before this project is over I can display my singing abilities to you guys but if it doesn't happen then I won't be too disappointed. Ok so hopefully you enjoy the song and leave any comments or suggestions! Thanks for reading.